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Let Us Help You Find The Golden Loads!

Small Title


We are a full-service truck dispatching company that provides dispatch services for small to mid-sized trucking companies. We help to find the best loads with the highest prices, provide 24/7 high-quality support, and analyze business metrics to make sure you are a profitable company.


When you have a relationship with Gold mine dispatch, you not only get our solutions that fit your business needs, but also gain access to weekly passive income from your referrals. 



We ensure the fleet busy and loaded in the most efficient way, including individual needs and preferences, highest market rates, available choices of loads on the market.

Load and Rate Negotiation
We find the best loads available and negotiate the rates higher to maximize your profitability.

Trip Planning
Go to the states you enjoy working the most. Have trips planned to have you home as often as once a week, month, etc.

Profitability Reports
Understand how much you profit as a company every load you do, and how much you should make per mile to ensure profitability.

24/7 Back Office
Support Use our back office system to store your BOL's, reports, etc. Get constant support to keep brokers updated every step of the way.

We can handle all invoicing with your factoring company and clients. This allows you to focus on the development and growth of the company.

Document Handling
Have all of your rate confirmations, BOL's, etc. organized and prepared for you every week for better accounting and bookkeeping.


GOLD MINE DISPATCH truly appreciates the relationships we have with our carriers. We strive to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with each carrier that signs up with us. We understand that profitable performing carriers are the key to our success, and the success of our customers. We will do everything in our power to facilitate that success!

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